Yesterday I was fortunate to be invited to attend a rally to Restore Tourism in Egypt. The event was coordinated by the youth of Egypt, and their goal was to show the world that Egypt welcomes everyone. Despite the revolution which has swept Egypt and has subsequently damaged much of the tourism industry here in Egypt, change is in the air.

Thousands of Egyptians of all ages gathered at the monumental pyramids to show their solidarity for Egypt and bring a welcoming message to all of the world, that through the revolution, Egypt has changed, and wants to share their experience and country with the world. Coordinated by several different groups of organizers, this event was quite a success despite the lack of media coverage in attendance. Project Uprising was fortunate to be one of the few members of the press that had been informed of the event, although, more media coverage would have been appreciated.

The event marched several miles along the stretch of the pyramids and finally gathered in front of the Great Pyramid for several speeches from various organizers and community leaders. After the speeches, the gathering of some 4,000 men and women marched down to the Sphinx for a free concert series.

Attendees of the event were coordinated to wear colors of Red, White, and Black symbolic of the Egyptian flag, and were coordinated into groups of their respective colors to form a marching flag. Signs of welcoming and hospitality lined the crowds as the masses made their march.