Name: Radwa Rashwan Alhadad

Age: 21

So how long have you been organizing?

This was my first event as an organizer, but I plan to keep organizing for more events in the future.

What got you involved in organizing for this event?

My friends and team are very ambitious, kind, and want to make a difference in Egypt and the world and I wanted to be involved. Also my sister said that we have to do something to get involved.

What was your main goal for the Marathon Egypt?

Our main goal was promoting tourism in Egypt, while connecting with other organizers for future events of this nature. Egypt’s economy has taken a hard hit during the revolution, and we want to see it get back on track, and want to help through organizing events like this.

What role did you play in organizing this event, what were your responsibilities?

My plan was to do anything and everything that I could to make this event happen. I organized friends, provided guidance, information, and resources to people that wanted to attend but didn’t know when, where, or how to get involved.

Was anyone else in your family responsible for helping out?

My sister helped organize with her friends and contacts, and my mom made the food to provide to the volunteers and organizers before we started the event.

Who were the first people you talked to about coordinating this event?

I talked first with my team leader Reem Adel to develop a message. After that I talked I talked to everyone about the event, my friends, family, new friends I met and strangers. I would talk to everyone in the streets and tell them about our event just like everyone else in the team did.

What other methods did you use to communicate the message of the event?

We made a Facebook event and shared it with everyone that we knew, we made a TV show and viral videos to share with different groups online and on our facebook page. We used our mobile contacts to help spread the word an connect more people. We also made recordings for broadcast on Hayah FM and 7yah FM for people without internet and to help spread our message and information.

How much do you think the use of these digital communications contributed to the success of the event?

I think the use of these digital communications really helped contribute to the success of this event. It helped spread the information faster and to more people.

There were some great signs out at the Marathon Egypt, did you make any of them?

I myself did not make any of the signs, but my teammates are very talented and made so many beautiful and fun signs for the event.

Are you guys planning on organizing another event like this?

We are planning on doing another event, but we still need a little more time to organize and coordinate for the next one. We will never stop organizing for events like this!

What is the message that you would like to share with the world?

I would like everyone to know that they are welcome in Egypt and that they will really enjoy the experience of being here. We would like to open our country and hearts to everyone from anywhere in the world!