Egyptian style protests in Beijing and Shanghai have been suppressed by Chinese authorities seeking to shut down popular uprisings in 27 Chinese cities. The Egyptian style demonstrations which have swept much of the Middle East have been been targeted by authorities in attempts to stop what is being likened to the Jasmine Revolution.

In attempts to prevent the popular uprisings and media coverage of the events, Chinese Telecom authorities have allegedly shut down 3G and GPRS coverage in the locales of such planned demonstrations. Disabling of these critical data infrastructure systems have prevented Real-Time uploading of photos, videos, and posts of the demonstrations.

The reports that have been leaked, discuss an overwhelming number of Plain Clothed officers who outnumbered uniformed officials were used to intimidate and thwart the impending demonstrations.

Hours before the demonstrations were scheduled to commence, Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao reached out to the youth of China via social media networks. In his statement, Jiabao, addressed issues such as inflation and, pledged to reduce ever increasing income disparities, and providing affordable housing and alternatives to the increasing cost of living expenses.

According to reports, three journalists have been harassed and pushed around by plain clothes officers, and one photo journalist recounts his experience of being detained on Twitter. Along with the several journalists that have been harassed and detained, seven Chinese dissidents have been detained at Shanghai’s People’s Square.